Thesis Data Aggregation


It may take months or even years of time to complete a manuscript from the design of the research, preparation, conducting experiments, managing data, writing manuscript, and editing; such efforts cannot be wasted. The outsourcing service of data merging and cleaning is quite popular in foreign countries, through this division of labor, not only can enhance the quality of essay writing, but can enhance the acceptance of papers.

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    • You need to provide:
      1. Title of paper, outline, outline of experimental design, data and references on a disk, or send these materials to us via Email
      2. Request Form: Please fill in the author’s name, research institution’s name, contact information (mailing address, telephone and fax numbers, and Email address), fax, or Email to us.
    • Working days:
      1. Normal case: about 45~50 working days
      2. Urgent case: about 30 working days (additional 30% of cost are required)


  • Notes:
    1. Working days will depend on the progress and the difficulty of the articles.
    2. The service does not guarantee that your paper will be accepted for publication, as acceptance depends on the research, study design innovation, and other factors.

The editors at Gere Biotechnology Co., Ltd. can help aggregate numerous and non-threaded data and literature through evaluation and selection, and put it into to a paper which meets the journal’s requirement for the format to be published in the world-renowned medical journals successfully.