Manuscript Translation-Chinese-to-English


Chinese-to-English:The Chinese-to-English translation in the medical field should be accomplished by a professional medical translation company. Although more and more translators with medical background work for translation companies, word-for-word translation still exists. Usually, the literal translation does not reflect the intention of the original text accurately, and the value is restricted. Gere Biotechnology Co., Ltd. provides full-service medical translation. We conduct our all-inclusive, one-stop service translation workflow in two phases.

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  • You need to provide:
    1. Manuscript in Word or Office format stored on a disk or send to us by E-mail
    2. Request form: Please fill in the author’s name, affiliation, telephone and fax numbers, Email address, and the title of the paper. If there are review comments from journals, please send to the comments by fax() or Email.
  • Working days:
    1. Normal case: 15 working days (<5000 words). 2 working days are added for each additional 1000 words.
    2. Urgent case: 7 working days (<5000 words). 1 working day is added for each additional 1000 words.



First, we evaluate and translate the manuscript, taking care to follow English language convention in expressing scientific terminology. Next, the English version of your manuscript is edited by our senior medical editors for grammatical precision, correct format, and logical flow.

Gere Biotechnology Co., Ltd. promises to translate your Chinese draft into English within 3 weeks and ensure that your manuscript meets the requirements of the target journal. You do not have to worry about the appropriate words in English, and our service will increase the chances of acceptance of your manuscript.