Manuscript Translation-English-to-Chinese


English-to-Chinese:English translation in the medical field is usually accomplished by some common translation agencies. However, although more and more translators with medical background work for translation companies, word-for-word translation still exists in recent years! Usually, the literal translation does not reflect the intent of the original text accurately, and thus its value is limited. Mastering the commonly used medical technology and vocabulary is essential for medical translation.

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  • You need to provide:
    1. Manuscript in Word or Office format stored on a disk or sent by Email
    2. Request form: Please fill in the author’s name, affiliation, telephone and fax numbers, Email address, and the title of the paper. If there are review comments from journals, please send us the comments by fax or email.
  • Working days:

Normal case: 7 workings, but it will be extended accordingly for lengthy papers.

Gere Biotechnology Co., Ltd. employs accredited professional medical translators with advanced degrees in various biomedical disciplines and they have extensive experience in English translation; thus, the accuracy of medical translation is not an issue. Are you ready?