Manuscript Submission


When you’ve spent a lot of time on the cumbersome work of thesis writing from the design and development of experimental plans, the actual operation, to the preparation of the submission, such as document verification, data compilation, statistical data processing as well as several amendments to the draft, then you have to face the complex submission process and preparation. Different journals have different requirements, which can be exhausting!

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  • You need to provide:
    1. Manuscript for submission: Please store on a floppy disk or send by Email in Word or Office format. Figures can be the photo negatives or slides.
    2. Request form: Please provide the contributor’s name, department name, contact information (mailing address, telephone and fax numbers, and Email address) and the target journal.
  • Working days:
    1. Normal case: 15 working days
    2. Urgent case: 10 working days

To save your valuable time and to avoid rejection of your well-written manuscript just because the required materials are not well prepared, Gere Biotechnology Co., Ltd. provides manuscript submission services, we work from the assistance in completing forms, writing a cover letter, processing images, and checking the checklist to completing the submission to ensure that none of the required data is missed. Thus, you no longer have to do a multitude of things for the publication, and you can save time for research and medical matters.