Manuscript Rewriting Service


We believe that many people have similar experiences in writing manuscripts. The subjects of the manuscripts are good and special to the authors, and they spend a long time put it into papers, but it is disappointing when the manuscripts are not accepted or the journal’s comments are too cumbersome to revise the paper.

Contact us

  • You need to provide:
    1. Manuscript, reviewers’ comments, and original data.
    2. Request form: Please fill in the contributor’s name, the name of the hospital or research unit, the telephone and fax numbers, and the E-mail address. Please fax or email us the reviewers’ comments.
  • Working days:
    1. Normal case: about 45 working days
    2. Urgent case: will be treated specially

When you are at a loss on how to proceed, the manuscript rewriting service of Gere Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is your best choice.

There is also a manuscript ICU service which will speed up the publication for the journals which have conditionally accepted your manuscript.