Manuscript Editing


Perhaps you have had a manuscript rejected by a medical journal even though it is a very good research paper because the use of English was not precise. Would you be upset, even though you have asked foreign friends, relatives, teachers, or colleagues to assist you in modifying the English, yet the use of English is still inadequate?

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  • You need to provide
    1. Manuscript in Word or Office format stored on a disk or sent by Email
    2. Request form: Please fill in the author’s name, affiliation, telephone and fax numbers, Email address, and the title of the paper. If there are review comments from a journal, please send us the comments by fax or Email.
  • Working days
    1. Normal case: 7 working days
    2. Urgent case: 3 working days

We realize that the assistance of medical professionals is required in to copyedit medical and scientific papers. Therefore, we work closely with professional medical editors from Europe, the United States, and other foreign countries to provide specialized manuscript editing services.

    • Our editors

Most of the editors on staff at Gere Biotechnology Co., Ltd. are members of the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) and the Council of Biology Editors (CBE). The editors have expertise in various disciplines and will help you overcome linguistic difficulties to produce a publishable manuscript. Please provide us with the information below, together with you manuscript, to ensure timeliness and quality.

    • Notes:

The manuscript editing service does not guarantee journal acceptance, as acceptance is influenced by the competitiveness of papers, the rejection rate of journals, and the subject and its scientific and medical importance.