Evaluation And Journal Suggestions


How do you select the best journal for your manuscript? How do you improve the quality of your manuscript? Do you have ideal solutions for these important issues? From a professional point of view, Gere Biotechnology Co., Ltd. will identify proper journals which will be interested in your manuscript. By an initial assessment of your manuscript, you will find out which parts of your manuscript need to be improved, and how.

Contact us

  • You need to provide:
    1. Manuscript, figures, and tables. Please save the manuscript in Word or Office format, together with the figures on a disk, or send to us via Email.
    2. Request form: Please fill in the author’s name, research institution name, contact information (mailing address, telephone, fax, and Email address), and article title. If there are reviewers’ comments, please save them as a JPG format and fax or Email to us.
  • Working days:
    1. Normal case: 15~20 working days
    2. Urgent case: 10 working days

Our professional editors are familiar with the requirements of the subject and direction of various journals. By our evaluation and journal suggestion service, we believe we can meet your needs, and that will help assist you in preparing the rewriting service.